PROJECT NAME biomass heating plant Gröbming
SERVICES structural design, all design phases
PLANNING PERIOD 01.2023 – 06.2023
OWNER Bioenergie Wärmeservice GmbH

In Groebming a biomass heating plant consisting of a 523 m² building housing the furnaces and technical equipment and a 680 m² big building as storage space for the biomass fuel is being built.

The heating plant is being built as a combination of solid and lightweight construction methods. The slab, the free-standing fire wall between the boiler house and the storage spaces, the control room and the electrical engineering room will be built as reinforced concrete constructions. The exterior walls, the roof and platforms will be built as steel constructions.

For the storage space, precast columns with a height of 11 m will be placed in sleeve foundations, and the support structure of the roof will be provided by glued laminated timber beams spanning over 18 m. The hall is enclosed on three sides by reinforced concrete retaining walls that is vertically continued with a wall panels on a vertical steel and horizontal timber framing.

Fotos: © Peter Mandl ZT GmbH

(some photos were provided by Bioenergie Wärmeservice GmbH)