Public swimming pool at the Riverside Park Amstetten

biomass heating plant Gröbming

YOUNG & URBAN LIVING – Housing project in wood construction

Passarel·la – pedestrian bridge

Refurbishment and Extension of the Office Building Mariengasse Graz

Campus of the Medical University Graz – Phase 2, Building Site West

Eisernes Tor – Addition of Another Storey

Campus of the Medical University Graz – Phase 2, Building Site East

Crematorium Vienna Extension

Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer II in Medicine (ZWT) in Graz

ZWI Center for knowledge and innovation transfer

IKM (Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Microbiology)

Elementary School Gleisdorf – Expansion

Kindergarten Kalsdorf – new building in solid construction

Reconstruction Albert Schweitzer Institute – House of Tattenbach

Campus of the Medical University Graz – Phase 1

Brunnenwerk “Rusty Nail” Graz – Refurbishment

Residential Building St. Martin im Sulmtal

Office and training center of SSI Schaefer IT Solutions, Friesach

Mörz Naturstein GmbH – Hall

Messner Ges.m.b.H. – New Headquarter

Office and Operational Building of VENTREX Automotive GmbH, Graz

Steiermärkische Sparkasse Deutschlandsberg – Conversion and Renovation

Mureck Medical Center

Mureck Murkostladen – Conversion

Eurospar Fürstenfeld – Extension and Conversion

Parktherme Bad Radkersburg – Expansion of Therapy Ward

UNH 2.0 Kundmanngasse – Facade

Business Park Vienna – D1 – Facade

State Gallery Lower Austria Krems – Facade

Austria Campus – Facade

Residential Building “Arnold Luschin Gasse 2”

House of clubs

Castle Mönchstein – glass dome

Saillerhof, Leibnitz – new construction of an office, commercial and residential building

Trinity Column, Graz – complete refurbishment

Elementary School Wildon – reconstruction and extension

Tegetthoff Monument, Graz – complete refurbishment

Urn Park at Graz Central Cemetery

my moving house

Kindergarten Rosenberggürtel, Graz – new building in timber construction

Federal Grammar School Kirchengasse, Graz – addition of a new storeys, extension and reconstruction

Residential Building “Monsbergergasse 5”

Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine (ZWT) in Graz

New Lower Austrian Secondary School Amstetten – Construction of a new school complex

Biomedical Engineering

Production Technology Center, Graz University of Technology – extension of the campus

Boarding School Of The Vocational School Murau – refurbishment, structural upgrade and addition of storeys

Johann-Josef-Fux-Conservatory, Graz – major refurbishment

Office building Nikolaiplatz 5

Planet Planai


Q6-Q7 Mannheim

Old mill building Pottenbrunn